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First impressions of the game?

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First impressions of the game?

Post  nishranger on Mon 6 Oct - 2:38

This is my first Fifa since owning Fifa 95 (the one where you could run away from the ref to delay a booking!). I've had a couple of games on later versions at mates houses and could never get the hang of it after playing pro evo for so many years. I have to say that this game is the nuts. There is none of the 'every goal is the same' rubbish. The aerial challenges are great, the movement off the ball is really realistic and the passing ISN'T really easy which is good. Plenty of passes went astray just like in the real game. I also like the way the attacker, once he gets beyond the last defender, is difficult to catch. In pro evo the defender would normally catch up with you , even if it was Richard Dunne against Thierry Henry.

I played my first game with QPR (my team) and lost 2-1 to Gillingham.... not very good, i know. I was down to ten men after 20 minutes though - still getting used to timing the challenges! I then played with Villa (who i'm playing as in this league) against West Brom and won 2-0. Then i headed online at midnight last night (while my girlfriend was asleep next to me) and won the game 2-0. I think that i got the hang of it quickly as it is actually very similar now to the gameplay of pro evo. I haven't dipped into the tactics side of it too much yet. I think i may need to against some of you seasoned pro's!
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